How Snowboard Factory Affects Ski Length


    What is the "effective edge" and how does it affect Snowboard Factory's ski length?

    The effective edge is the part of the ski that makes contact with the snow—essentially the length of the ski, the length between the tip of the ski and the bend in the tail. Traditional camber skis have a longer effective edge than hybrid camber skis, which typically have more upward curves (called early risers or rockers) at the tip and tail. Fully rocking skis have the least effective edge, usually just a small section below the boot.

    A full swing or hybrid camber ski with a shorter effective edge will feel shorter than a traditional camber ski, so you will usually need to choose a longer ski to make up the difference.

    How is the terrain and riding style?

    We could go on about height, weight, and effective edge, but the most important factor is how you want your skis to feel. Shorter skis will feel more flexible and fun, while longer skis will feel stronger and more stable at high speeds.

    If you like fast, short turns, skiing in thick trees and fast and fun skis, choose a ski with a shorter distance. However, if you enjoy high-speed straights, hitting cliffs and boots, and making big turns in open bowls, take your time.

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