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    Who is the best surfboard for Custom Surf Skateboards factory?

    if you are a surfer
    Skateboarding first started in the 70's to allow surfers to ride on land as the oceans flattened. Surfboards go a step further, allowing surfers to actually use and improve their surfing skills on land.

    So if you're an ocean surfer, a surfboard can be a great surf instructor for you. Many surf schools use these boards to help learners master surfing skills and are easier to break down and demonstrate on land than in water.

    Surf skates are a great learning tool because they involve body movements that are closer to surfing than riding a regular skateboard

    If you are a longboard skater
    As a longboarder, you probably know that there are many different riding styles, from cruising to freestyle to downhill to freestyle and more.

    Of these, sculpting involves making continuous, flowing turns on your longboard, drawing imaginary lines, taking advantage of any small slopes to keep going. Pumping also involves short turns, but with a deep body weight transfer that transfers energy and speed to the board and keeps the board moving without having to pedal or go downhill.

    Sculpting and pumping both require a very loose and cornering front truck and a rear truck that provides stability and spin. For this reason, surfboards can be considered the ultimate choice for these styles. If carving and pumping is your thing, then surf skates are definitely a possible option (though not the only one).

    Be aware that surf skates may not be the best choice for long sculpting or pumping, as extreme looseness (varies by model) makes them less efficient on long rides.

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