Types of Electric Scooters Factory


    There are mainly 3 types of brakes on electric scooters from Electric Scooters Factory:

    1. Electric/regenerative braking

    These are low maintenance but less effective at stopping you quickly. These will be the least effective if you're driving over 15 mph and need to stop quickly.

    2. Disc brakes and drum brakes

    Drum brakes are enclosed within the hub, are generally less expensive to maintain than other brake types, and provide consistent performance in wet conditions.

    Disc brakes have the most stopping power and are lighter than drum brakes, which helps lighten the overall load for more speed.

    While drum and disc brakes are the best, they wear out over time and eventually require service, just like cars do.

    3. Foot brake

    Activate the foot brake by placing your foot on the rear fender. Unless you're used to using kids scooters, this will take time to master. They have slightly stronger stopping power, but are not as comfortable or effective to use as drum or disc brakes.

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