Upholstered headboard brings comfort and coziness to the bedroo

  • Upholstered headboard brings comfort and coziness to the room

     Choosing the most suitable sandbox for the double bedroom is important, as well as a comfortable mattress, after all, will be years of use. But there is a detail that many forget: the headboard. It is not luxury or a mere composition, as well as adding to the decor, it serves to bring more comfort and coziness to the environment.

     Today there are numerous models, however, upholstery is gaining more and more space. Size depends on what you want. Traditionally they are horizontal, slightly larger than the bed and tall enough for the couple to sit together. But they can even be placed on a common vertical panel up to the ceiling, for example.

    Among the main models of upholstered headboards are the button (most used), which has buttons to form protrusions it’s a padded collar divided by threads that generate protruding rectangles.


     First a person should think about what you want the room to be. If it's just convenience and aesthetics, wood or MDF models can do the trick. custom upholstered headboards are for those who prefer comfort. It is important to consider that, in many cases, the head of the bed can become the main element of the room.


     To cover the head, the important thing is to consider a fabric that is more rigid and, therefore, more resistant. Ultra suede, leather and faux leather, durable, easy-to-clean fabric. Fabrics, ironed – from what is produced with rigid weave – tend not to open easily.


     The thickness of the head suits the floor area of ​​the room. If it's too thick, the bed ends up moving farther forward, taking up space. Being a smaller room, the recommendation is to choose a thinner headboard. If it's roomy, you can work with more volume.


     The head tone does not necessarily have to be the same as the bed and other furniture in the room. For being a standout piece, it is even possible to dare, putting a completely different tone or even a pattern, or wood. The premise is that the headboard needs to match the style of the room it is in.


     There is a rule that determines an ideal size, just a few parameters that must be followed. Generally speaking, the headboard can comprise wall-to-wall width, or keep track of bed size. What can't be a head smaller than the width of the bed. At the moment, there are no limitations either. The recommendation is that when the occupant is seated, it is possible to obtain full back support. Thus, the minimum height should be 1.10 meters.


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