How to choose a good car 3g gps tracker

  • In fact, when it comes to navigation, many people first think of navigation software such as Baidu and AutoNavi, or specialized navigators. But few people think of 3g gps tracker at the first time. The most basic function of the car GPS positioning system is to monitor the equipment of the intelligent positioning terminal. Common equipment can be installed on various types of vehicles. The leasing industry was introduced very early. Because leasing companies have strict requirements for real-time positioning of leased vehicles, any leasing company does not want to see the real-time location of their leased vehicles. If the customer does not return the vehicle, they can find it by themselves. Everyone thinks: the navigation software can be used as long as the next software is in the mobile phone, or even directly open the browser, why should we spend an extra money to buy a 3g gps tracker that has the same function as the navigation software?

    In fact, there is still a big difference between navigation software, navigator and 3g gps tracker.

    1. The difference in cost performance

    On a certain treasure, an ordinary navigator is less than 300+, while the average price of a locator is only about 100. In terms of function, 3g gps tracker has much more functions than navigators, especially the powerful anti-theft function of the locator, which is the best choice for car lovers. Only 100 yuan can ensure the safety of a car of 100,000, 200,000 or even millions of yuan, and the locator has been cost-effective to no longer. So in terms of cost performance, 3g gps tracker beats navigators.

    2. Function difference

    In addition, 3g gps tracker has anti-theft functions that navigation software and navigator do not have. Generally, the general 3g gps tracker has many effective anti-theft functions such as electronic fence, track playback, and real-time monitoring. Among the many brands of locators, the positioning products have the best stability. In addition, they also have innovative functions such as "street view map", "magnetic-free installation", and "real-time tracking", which can be described as the best in locators.

    3. Positioning difference

    The similarity between    navigation software and locator is that both have a positioning function, but the accuracy of the positioning of the two is different. I believe that users who have used navigation software have encountered a car moving, but the navigation software does not show your moving track, which often makes the navigation software lose its navigation function. The 3g gps tracker will not. The positioning range of the locator can be accurate to within ten meters, and it can achieve real-time positioning, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of "the car is not moving on the map".