Is it necessary to install personal vehicle tracking system?

  • Now, many car users have a question about GPS locators: Is it necessary to install GPS locators?

    At first, GPS locator included two functions of positioning and navigation and anti-theft. Nowadays, it can be navigated directly through mobile phone software. In addition, today's social security environment is getting better and better, and there are fewer and fewer car thieves. The local security conditions are good, and the GPS locator is useless.

    Is it really? Does personal vehicle tracking system work?

    Some mobile phone software does have the function of positioning and navigation. However, users who use navigation have experienced the situation of navigation failure. This is because of construction, signal interference, delay and other reasons that cause the navigation software to fail in positioning. The GPS locator can effectively prevent such situations from happening. The locator uses dual-mode positioning, and even if it cannot receive the signal of the GPS positioning satellite, it can also complete the signal reception through the ground base station. Secondly, the basic function of GPS locator Z is real-time positioning, which can check the location of the car anytime, anywhere, which is not possible with navigation software. Although real-time positioning sounds like a very simple function, it has humanized functions other than positioning. For example, you can check the travel position of your family's vehicle through the mobile APP to confirm whether the family's driving path is correct and safe.

    After reading relevant reports, you may doubt the anti-theft effect of GPS trackers, because now the tools of car thieves often include signal jammers. For this reason, the locator will enter the sleep mode of silent operation after the car is turned off, and will no longer actively transmit signals. At this time, any shielding device cannot detect the existence of the locator. Moreover, it also has dual-mode positioning, even if the GPS satellite signal is blocked when the locator is operating, it can still use the LBS base station for positioning. At present, it is difficult for car thieves to shield the LBS base station signal, which requires extremely high technology and its shielding equipment is also quite expensive.

    Therefore, the positioning accuracy of the current GPS locator is unsurpassed by navigation software, and its anti-theft function is also not available in navigation software. You can buy peace of mind for a small price, why not?

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