The 4g car gps tracker is newly installed, why is the platform

  • 1. If the car is equipped with a 4g car gps tracker, it will display a "stationary" state on the platform, but it is also displayed elsewhere on the map. This is because after the device is installed, the vehicle has been in a stationary state. When the device is stationary, it will not transmit GPS data to the server (consider data saving). So you still see the old location data.

    Solution: Please drive the vehicle to an open area for a certain distance. When the vehicle moves, the latest positioning data will be uploaded to the server, and the accurate position can be seen. If the problem is not solved according to the above method, please refer to the question "The car is driving away, why is it still displayed in the previous position?".

    2. If the car displays "offline" or "not online" status on the platform after it is installed. This is because the device has not been connected to the server, the GPS positioning data has not been uploaded to the server, and the old positioning data is seen.

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