Coworking spaces could be the future of business

  • Future of Coworking Spaces

    As the future is moving towards remote working, the market for coworking spaces is getting bigger and bigger. Even if the business has taken a hit during the start of the pandemic. In the long run, the changing sentiment is good for them. What this means is that even if coworking spaces lost customers at the start, the idea of remote working is making them more profitable than ever. This changing attitude towards working location will make coworking spaces the best choice for businesses in the future.

    At the start, employers were setting work from home protocols. The sentiment was against any kind of office space, including coworking space. However, after a while ‘work from home fatigue’ became a thing. It was then that coworking spaces started to blow up in popularity.

    Coworking Space for Freelancers

    Freelancers and entrepreneurs started becoming regulars. Even companies began to realize the benefits of having versatile office spaces. Businesses that had to sell off their office spaces started getting meeting rooms in these coworking spaces. They began to realize that a zoom meeting can never replace a real-life meeting.

    Even before the popularity of coworking spaces, freelancers and remote workers have been working at coffee shops just to get out of their homes. Now, as all employees are basically remote workers, coworking spaces have become the common refugee for everyone. These spaces are following all the necessary precautions during the pandemic. That is why even as the pandemic is going on, they are still getting traction.

    Expert’s Prediction about Coworking Spaces

    Experts believe that after the pandemic comes to an end, only the biggest companies will be able to afford dedicated office spaces. While people enjoy remote working, they are clearly tired of working from home. So how will smaller businesses solve this problem? The answer is these coworking spaces. These spaces also allow businesses to decentralize their physical presence. Employees do not need to converge on a single location from all over a big city. They can work from a coworking space near their home. This will also help reduce traffic congestion in many big cities around the world.

    A getaway from being stuck at home

    Since all the family members are stuck at home. It can get a little crowded from time to time. Students are doing classes from home and teachers are taking classes from home. More often than not, employees have to work while a class is going on in the background. Then the fact remains that not everyone can afford to spend money and space to create a distraction-free dedicated workspace in their home. It is very easy to get distracted when working alone. Even the YouTube or Facebook icon can take your focus away.

    More and more businesses that are getting tired of Zoom and Google meeting are renting meeting rooms. Unlike a dedicated office space which needs to be leased for a long period of time. A meeting room in a coworking space can be had for just an hour. They are very affordable as well. Affordability is one of the main reasons that coworking spaces are able to change the motto of ‘work from home’ to ‘work from anywhere’. ‘Walk to work’ is becoming the new trend. Decentralizing office locations will also help decongest corporate offices.