Authentic WoW had a whole lot of content material seen

  • Remember — authentic WoW had a whole lot of content material seen at the map that changed into never used. The entire area of Mount Hyjal is one example. We knew Gilneas existed at the back of the Graymane Wall, even if we didn’t get to visit the land. We’d been to WOW Classic Items Tol Barad and Grim Batol in Warcraft 2. Karazhan won't be an example in Classic, however it exists in Classic. Even if Blizzard restricted itself to the lore of Warcraft because it existed in 2004, there are a exquisite many locations we by no means explored or visited. There’s no reason why new 5-man or raid content couldn’t be added to the prevailing game.

    There’s a specific motive why I can consider Blizzard going this route — it would allow the corporation to revisit “What if” situations in a timeline in which the Dark Portal by no means re-opened, and the arena of Azeroth went on much because it had before. Even if the Draenei in no way crashed on Azeroth, Arthas might nevertheless have subsequently reappeared. The Twilight’s Hammer cult become very a great deal present inside the later events of vanilla WoW. There are approaches and locations wherein Blizzard ought to expand the lore of Classic with new 5-guy dungeons and content tailored to a universe in which things passed off very otherwise (and, presumably, we continue to be locked at Lvl 60 and with anything patch version Blizzard stops with).