WOW TBC Claissic: What's new in Phase 2 of 2.5.2

  • The game developers have decided to add new content to WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic 2.5.2, and this will be done in five phases, two of which are about to begin. According to the official announcement, we learned that it is called "Overlords of Outland", and the planned date is September 15, and it seems to be a good balance of the game's PVE and PVP content. Visit MMOWTS now to buy WOW TBC Gold at a safe, low price!

    Players will face off against Illidan's most dangerous minions, Lady Vashj and Kael'thas Sunstrider. They'll be greeted with a swarm of shield units, weapons, add-ons, one-of-a-kind mounts, and much more planned for them. There will also be a chance to become the WOW TBC Gold owner of various items and flying mounts in WOW TBC Classic by completing specific tasks in the game each day.

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    When it comes to PVP, new seasons are always open again, which also means that many characters are racing to join the fray to win high ranks and harvest rare gear. Those brave enough will be able to directly compete for the upcoming PVP season rewards, namely the battle title and the magical WOW TBC Classic flying mount with a flying speed of 310%.

    The changes don't appear to be just in the game's content, with the much-anticipated social bank being added to the game. Players can deposit their consumables and cash in the MMOWTS Is The best TBC Classic Gold Seller bank, which is a great thing for upcoming battles and inter-player rallies. You can find a team and conquer the dungeon together.

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