WOW TBC Claissic: How to complete 'An Old Gift' quest in the ga

  • For Alliance players in WOW TBC Classic, they don't have to go far to complete the quest of "An Old Gift" in Outland on Hellfire Peninsula. Visit MMOWTS now to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold at a safe, low price!

    Alliance and Horde players find themselves stepping into the burnt, barren lands of Hellfire Peninsula the first time they pass through the Dark Portal. The land now known as Outland was the first of the Draenor Ruins.

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    In WOW TBC Class, each faction has its own position. In the south, the Alliance has Fort Honor, where most of their troops regroup. Players can pick up quest "An Old Gift" at this location.

    You can pick up quests from a priest named Father Malgor Devidicus. When you talk to him, he will tell you about his experience with the legendary Turalyon. And how he was gifted a book called "Mysteries of the Light" when they were separated.

    Unfortunately, Father Devedicus later left the book at his residence, just south of the Armory. And this area has been inundated with undead. The player can find the book at coordinates (54,86), which is located on the steps of a small burned-out building. All you need to do is go to the location to pick up the book and return it to Father Devidicus, and you'll get a few gold coins and a touching sentiment about Turalyon.To buy WOW TBC Gold, you only need to spend a small amount of money to buy a large amount of WOW TBC Gold at MMOWTS!

    You can also complete this together with the "Unyielding Soul" quest, as the objectives of the two quests overlap. When you complete the quest, you can get 2 gold, 9800 experience points, and 250 reputation with Honor Hold.

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