Lost Ark: You can use Powerpass to upgrade your alt character t

  • To allow players to try other courses, Smilegate developed the Lost Ark Powerpass system.

    Lost Ark will lock you into your starting class during Arkesia, while Powerpass will allow you to quickly advance your alt character to the main character level, you just have to meet the requirements.

    These passes are limited and come at a price, while knowledge transfer lets you do most of the same things.

    Powerpass allows your Alt character to level up to level 50, and you can unlock post-end game protagonist levels after completing the Vem content without having to complete any story missions.

    Lost Ark Gold

    You'll need to head to Adventurer's Path, where Beatrice wraps up the main game's story and gives players a primer on how the course works. Players will also receive a set of Vern level 302 gear, and you can freely assign skill points as you see fit.

    Even though the main story quests will be done automatically, you will still have access to all the side quests. When you complete the final main quest "Irene's Gift", you will automatically get a Powerpass, you can find it in the mailbox in the upper left corner of the UI, you can see instructions for what it is and how to use it brief introduction.

    After that, exit the main menu, select the character you want to promote, and any selection of the "Power Pass" option next to Launch will begin the process.

    After using that initial Powerpass, you will also Buy Lost Ark Gold receive another Powerpass for the second Alt character. These are currently the only Powerpasses in Lost Ark, and there's no indication that Smilegate will add more.

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