OSRS Biohazard Quest Guide

  • This is all about that Old School RuneScape Quest called Biohazard. It's an extremely long and tricky quest, so tips would come in handy. You wouldn't exist if you're trying to find one, so inform yourself!

    Before preparing for the mission, you first need to perform the Plague City mission. If you want to complete this task immediately so that you can focus on this task, you can check out other guides. You must also have a priest dress with a gas mask. In addition, it is better than being able to transmit without strict requirements. They're really worth the Cheap RS3 Gold you'll spend for the sake of convenience.

    To start the quest, you ought to talk to Elena in East Ardougne. She will show you to speak with Jericho, her father's friend.

    He's been emailing West Ardougne through pigeons. Therefore it makes sense that he's about to ask you to receive a pigeon cage and bird feed. So you won't be confused through the guide, here's a little context: the main town, Ardougne, is broken into two: East and West. As the quest's name suggests, the second is suffering from a plague. If you've already finished the Plague City quest, you'd know this.

    You need to speak to Omart from then on. You'll find him in Cyril Carnillean's house. He'll inform you that you'll have trouble entering town because the guards are too towards the wall. For that, you'll need to have a distraction.

    Upon crossing towards the plague-stricken capital, go towards the Mourner's HQ. Before that, there are many RS3 Gold For Sale on the Internet, please buy some in case you need it. The mourners will inform you that lots of them are already stricken with food poisoning and therefore are in need of a physician. That's your cue to attend Nurse Sarah's house, who's in the building southwest in the West Ardougne Church. There, you'll discover a medical gown. Wear it, and you'll be capable of entering the Mourner's HQ. Once you're in, kill one in the mourners, find Elena's distillatory in one with the crates, then head to Kieron, who's southeast of West Ardougne, to revisit East Ardougne.

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