Product introduction of outer spiral cryotube


    CryoTube is essential for the integrity of the storage and extraction of biological samples, cells and tissues.

    Taizhou Huangyan Fangye Technology Development Co., Ltd. frozen tube has a complete R&D and production team. The raw material is made of medical grade high transparent polymer material polypropylene (PP), which is produced through a special process. The 2ml frozen tube is dedicated to storage Disposable consumables for biological samples such as blood, cells, and serum. In the liquid nitrogen phase (that is, in the gaseous environment above the liquid nitrogen), it can withstand low temperature -196°C.

    It should be noted that do not store the freezing tube directly in the liquid nitrogen of the liquid nitrogen tank, please store it in the liquid nitrogen phase to avoid the liquid nitrogen remaining in the freezing tube will be violent due to the sudden temperature rise during the thawing process Vaporization may cause the freezing tube to burst, cause personal hazards and cause laboratory safety problems. Be sure to operate in accordance with the laboratory sample preservation method.

    The outer screw cap of the externally threaded 2ml cryotube can reduce the chance of sample contamination in the tube. The O-shaped silicone gasket in the cap can improve the sealing performance and avoid the leakage of liquid samples; the surface of the cap has anti-skid patterns to facilitate unscrewing and rotating the cap; the top can be adjusted according to It is required to be equipped with a color-coded top pad for easy identification and marking; clear and accurate scale lines and white writing area on the tube body for easy marking; there are two types of tube bottoms to choose from, the vertical type and the round bottom type, and the bottom of the tube is U The bottom design is convenient for centralized liquid handling and reduces residues.

    Fangye Cryogenic Storage Vials is divided into inner spiral and outer spiral. The entire series has a capacity from 1ml to 5ml. It can provide OEM customization and new product development services. We will serve you wholeheartedly.