Manufacturer Of Specimen Bottle

  • A specimen Bottle or specimen cylinder is a cylindrical or rectangular or square glass cylinder. The edge of the cylinder is ground flat and equipped with a thick plate glass cover of a suitable size. The four sides of the cover have a 5-10mm wide frosted edge. In order to prevent the movement of the cover, play a sealing role.

    The main body of the bottle is a cylindrical glass cylinder with a thick side at the mouth to increase the mechanical strength. There is a wide side at the bottom of the tube for stable placement. There is a glass hook in the center of the inner wall of the cover, which is used to hang and fix the specimen. The bottle body and the bottle cap are run-ins with a frosted mouth, mainly to prevent the volatilization of the preservative of the sample soaked in the bottle or the intrusion of foreign dust.

    Taizhou Huangyan Fangye Technology is a supplier and wholesaler of specimen bottles. Ranked among the best in the Laboratory Consumables factory in China. The specimen bottle has a simple structure and low cost, can effectively preserve the original state of the specimen, is easy to open, is simple and practical, and is particularly suitable for long-term preservation and use of immersed specimens. Specimen bottles of different specifications can be provided according to the size of the specimen, which is suitable for all pathological specimens collected.