Applications of Industrial Cleaning Wipes Manufacturers' Wipes


    Applications of Industrial Cleaning Wipes Manufacturers' Industrial Cleaning Wipes

    Automobile industry

    Industrial cleaning wipes are looking for opportunities in the automotive pretreatment market.

    The healthcare sector needs to sanitize, sanitize, and kill bacteria to ensure the prevention of healthcare-related infections, while industrial facilities that benefit from faster, uniform/standardized, and efficient workflows all benefit from the use of disposable wipes, while Not the more expensive rags and towels for scrubbing clothes.

    Based on our customer surveys, many of our wood pulp nonwoven wipes end up in automotive polishing cloths and microfiber nonwovens.

    food industry

    These industrial cleaning wipes are food safe and can therefore be used in all areas of food preparation: cleaning machines, absorbing liquids and hand cleaning.

    Made of high quality spunlace non-woven (viscose/polyester or wood pulp/polyester or wood pulp/PP) with low lint and suitable for the most demanding food environments.

    Comes with a filling bag to minimize cost and waste. It dries quickly, so the area being cleaned may not need to be wiped dry, making its antibacterial effect more effective. Suitable for clinic, home and industrial environments.

    It is an excellent disinfecting, degreasing and cleaning agent for hard surfaces, ideal for home or deli counters and more.


    Industrial wipes can also be used in the printing industry to clean machines, absorb links and clean hands.
    Best known in our product line are PP meltblown solvent wipes and SMT rollers.


    Industrial wipes are also used for general cleaning to remove dust and floors.

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