Operation of Foodservice Wipers


    Use of Food service Wipers' wipes in restaurants and food services
    Wet wipes and paper towels have many uses in the food industry. In a restaurant environment, wet wipes are used behind the bar, waiters and in the kitchen-and they are also the staple food of jan/san.

    In the kitchen, surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected quickly to ensure quick turnover. Woven wipes will be stained with moisture and bacteria. Alternatively, staff can use wet wipes to quickly clean an area and then safely dispose of the wipes without worrying about remaining bacteria.

    In the front of the house, quick turnaround is also important to prevent customers from leaving impatiently while waiting for a clean table. Powerful wipes that can handle disinfectants and disinfectants are ideal for quickly wiping food stains and cleaning dirty tables. Super absorbent wipes are essential for handling spills, and super wet wipes that can pick up broken glass can prevent bar staff from cutting their fingers.

    Paper and non-woven materials are also excellent alternatives to linen napkins because they can reduce excessive laundry costs for restaurants. Some restaurants spend more than $200,000 to clean the sheets, so any method to reduce this cost is welcome. In addition, disposing of used napkins contributes to hygiene.

    Of course, hand washing has always been important in the food industry, but it has never been more important since the recent pandemic. With this in mind, a traditional towel shared by dozens of kitchen workers does not meet the strict hygiene standards expected by the food industry and its customers. This makes paper towels a "must have" to dry hands quickly and safely.

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