How can novice players explore Path of Exile?

  • If the player is new to Path of Exile, there are many things to know before the game starts. Proprietary vocabulary may confuse players such as POE Currency and POE Orbs, or they may know nothing about the trading market and mechanism of POE Currency, or even how to buy POE Currency. Don’t worry, this short guide will help players better understand Path of Exile, the distinctive ARPG game.


    Players can choose seven original characters in Path of Exile, namely Marauder, Duelist, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Shadow, Templar, Shadow and Scion. Choosing the right character is very important, because the character needs to cater to the game style preferred by the players. However, players can also use POE Currency to get additional character slots, thereby having the opportunity to switch between distinct characters. So players may wish to buy enough POE Currency for emergencies.


    There are many gems in Path of Exile, which can used by any profession. Players who want to unlock skills can use skill gems. There are skill gems for attacks, spells, and other functions. Then there are support gems, which can provide benefits to players’ characters. But in fact, every player needs to meet certain statistical requirements before they can use it. Players can upgrade them by participating in missions and killing enemies as many times as necessary. So buy POE Currency to get as many gems as possible, which can make the players more powerful.


    After understanding the basic situation of the game, players can enter and experience Path of Exile. Players, please remember the most important point, that is to get as much POE Currency as possible, and spend some time to study the market through POE transactions. If players are willing to Buy Exalted Orbs, it will be more conducive to seize the opportunity. It sounds like there are many things to do, but the experience of Path of Exile is very worthwhile.