What is Self Hosted Video Streaming?

  • Just imagine, if you have complete control over your self-hosted video streaming platform

    You can upload your curated video files to the same server where your streaming solution is hosted. Once you explore why to choose a self-hosted video streaming platform, you can showcase your brand across various multimedia channels like web, mobile smart TV and gather potential customers.

    Additionally, you will be able to own when to embark on various video-making or streaming business strategies and regulate it totally without any 3rd person’s involvement.

    Yes, this is a one-stop solution for repurposing your video marketing business through all-inclusive self-hosted video streaming services.


    Top Benefits of Self-hosted Video Streaming

    Privacy and Control

    The online streaming space that is purchased by you, can be owned forever without any copycatting or digital rights issue. Step up to own your self-hosted hls video player, carrying longevity-controlled ownership with privacy-barred solutions.

    Customizable Design

    As you have maximized control over your video workflows, you can also have thematic customizations with respect to its user interface. Now you can leverage managed upgrades to ensure the latest alluring thumbnails within your self-hosted video hosting networks.

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