New World Winter Convergence is over

  • The New World Winter Convergence event has ended. As an in-game event celebrating New Years, Christmas and Winter, the Winter Convergence event is free to all New World players in December 2021. While it was supposed to end in the first week of January 2022, the developers decided to give players more time to explore New World's winter and collect more event-themed in-game rewards, New World Gold.

    The New World Winter Convergence event was well received by many players when it launched, and they all sighed how much fun the event was! Players get tons of rewards while completing missions, including New World Gold. This is important for players who are just entering the New World.

    The New World Winter Convergence event currently ends on January 25th at 12AM PT / 3AM ET / 8AM UTC / 9AM CET. Players don't need to feel bad about this, New World will bring an updated storyline soon, and players can buy New World Gold at IGGM in advance.

    New World players remain to be seen after Winter Convergence is over. In about a week, some notable multiplayer games will be celebrating Chinese New Year with special in-game events. That being said, we don't yet know if Amazon Game Studios is currently planning to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. 

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