How do Final Fantasy XIV players make Classical Gear?

  • Classical weapons and armor were added to the 6.05 patch of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. These are carefully crafted suits, players can Buy FF14 Gil to obtain them. In normal mode, it can rival or even beat Pandaemonium Asphodelos devices. Best of all, there is no weekly suspension, players only need time and FFXIV Gil to be fully equipped.

    Unlike the Neo-Ishgardian suit that is still popular among Shadowbringers, Classical is a recoloring of the Stromblood CCP armor. Those who wish to use Glamour equipment can get the wolf token from Final Fantasy XIV PvP content.

    Both artisans and potential shoppers need to view the final statistics of each classic piece. The performance of FFXIV Gil is relatively poor, so it is necessary to create high-quality versions and use up to 5 materials to over blend them. For sub-attributes, direct hits and heavy hits will be the most useful.

    Although the classic equipment is suitable for Final Fantasy XIV combat characters, it is necessary to mix different hand disciples and earth disciples to create a complete set of equipment. Players who have not reached level 90 in all 11 non-combat professions need to rely on others to obtain the remaining items. Or, people can earn extra FFXIV Gil by selling the above items on the market board. But as with all real-time services, this will depend on the player’s personal world and regional data center economy.