Final Fantasy XIV sales suspended to ease server congestion

  • Square Enix temporarily suspended sales of the entry and full versions of Final Fantasy XIV to alleviate the server congestion that has plagued the game since the release of the Endwalker extended version. The game's producer and director Naoki Yoshida wrote in a blog post that the company will stop FFXIV Gil and digital sales of the physical version of the game, and suspend registration for the game's free trial.

    It has been half a month since Endwalker was released, but the limited server capacity means that players often find that they have to wait hours to log in to the game and are stuck in a queue of 4,000 to 8,000 other players. Secondly, players need to collect as many FFXIV Gil For Sale as possible in the game, and crowded servers often make players make many mistakes in the process of earning.

    Under normal circumstances, companies like Square Enix will try to solve these capacity problems by investing in new servers. But the explosive growth of Final Fantasy XIV’s popularity coincided with a global chip shortage, which prevented Square Enix from purchasing new server hardware. The development team stated that they hope to provide a roadmap by January 2022.

    In addition to the server capacity issue, Yoshida’s post also provided more details about the frustrating Error 2002. Even after they waited in the virtual queue for several hours, the error still appeared on the players, which had a huge impact In order to gain the speed at which players can earn FFXIV Gil in the game, many players have begun to try to buy FFXIV Gil online. The current patch to resolve this error is scheduled to be released on December 21st.