Six issues that Elder Scrolls Online players need to pay attent

  • Usually, as new items in Elder Scrolls Online appear, players will want to upgrade them. But until the player reaches CP 160, most of the items they carry will be replaced anyway. Therefore, upgrading does not make much sense. Practicing patience is the key. Upgrading rare items is not only expensive, but also usually not worth the investment. This is especially true for players below CP 16.

    Some side missions in Elder Scrolls Online are very time-consuming. Players do not need to play every side mission. If the player has time and patience, then they can choose to do it. But before accepting side quests, please think twice. The guild market is not only an effective way to make money, but also an effective way to save money. For all players, ignoring the market is saying goodbye to Elder Scrolls Online Gold. In addition, the prices of items in the guild market always fluctuate. Therefore, by actually tracking transactions and market flows, we can buy things at fairly low prices.

    Undaunted Keys is a particularly precious and important part of the main mission. If the player uses it in the initial stage of the game, it is a very wasteful behavior. Do not open these boxes until you reach the CP 160. Instead, try to hoard and grind them. Food and drinks are passive gains that players often overlook. As a novice, it is important to carry consumables with you, because it can improve the player's recovery statistics and become the best version of your character that can be affordable at that moment.

    One of the key aspects of this game is about how much things players can take with them. It is always important to focus on inventory and upgrade its space, because it is undeniable that purchasing inventory upgrades from packers using ESO Gold can become expensive. They grow exponentially with each upgrade. So always pay attention to inventory. Elder Scrolls Online is a game about patience and exploration. Players must know what to accept, but more importantly, what should not be accepted.