Printing Fabric Manufacturers Introduce The Requirements Of Fab


    Printing Fabric Manufacturers introduces a simple understanding of printing fabrics as a kind of fabric that is woven first and then printed with printing patterns. According to different printing materials and different printing processes, printing fabrics are also classified accordingly. And most fabrics can be digitally printed, knitted, polyester, spandex, etc., it is best not to digitally print pure cotton.Printing fabrics can generally be divided into transfer printing and penetration printing according to different processes. According to the printing process, it is divided into manual printing and machine printing.

    Hand-printing is generally made by batik, tie-dye, tie-flower, hand-painted, hand-made platen printing, and other processes to make printed fabrics, which is a relatively traditional handicraft.

    Machine printing and dyeing is carried out by roller printing, flat screen printing, rotary screen printing, transfer printing, inkjet printing, electrostatic printing, hot stamping, burnt-out, anti-dyeing, discharge dyeing, flocking aprinting, and other technologies.

    Through the above introduction, Custom Embossed Fabric Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.