China Washed Cotton Fabric Factory Introduces The Maintenance S


    Cotton fiber is a seed fiber formed by the elongation and thickening of the epidermal cells of the fertilized ovule, which is different from ordinary bast fiber. Its main component is cellulose. Because cotton fiber has many excellent economic properties, it has become the most important raw material for the textile industry. Below, China Washed Cotton Fabric Factory introduces the maintenance knowledge of cotton:

    ①The floating color of cotton fabric is easy to lose (floating color does not affect the color of the fabric itself). When washing, dark-colored products should be washed separately from light-colored products to prevent cross-dyeing from affecting the appearance of the fabric.

    ②It is not advisable to soak in the washing liquid for too long. The soaking time should not exceed 30 minutes to avoid discoloration, and can not use of bleaching water.

    ③It is recommended to use gentle machine washing for pure cotton products. For jacquard fabrics, hard brushes should not be used to wash them vigorously to prevent yarn breakage and lint.

    ④ The drying time should not be too long or exposed to the sun to prevent the color from being damaged.

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