In what way do cool blonde and warm blonde differ?

  • There is no need to state the obvious, but we will nonetheless state it: not all blondes are created equal. The trend is more like 50 shades of blonde than 50 shades of gray. Whether you're a natural blonde looking to subtly change up your shade or a brunette contemplating a complete makeover, it's critical to first determine which hue is best for your skin tone and facial features. This section contains all of the blonde basics as well as plenty of inspiration to help you find your perfect blonde. 


    In what way do cool blonde and warm blonde differ?

    A blend of dark and warm blondes with a hint of light brown, honey blonde hair is a popular choice for many people. Having a hue that is similar to that of honey produced by honey bees, this rich blonde hair color earned the name "honey blonde."Hair dyed honey blonde is a great choice for most people because it goes well with almost any skin tone.

    Celene Dupuis, a Redken Artist, explains that blonde haircolors can be divided into three categories: cool, warm, and neutral. It's fashionable to wear ultra-light, pale, icy colors, such as platinum blonde hair. According to Celene, warm tones such as golden, strawberry blonde, or honey blonde highlights are preferred, while neutral tones such as wheaty or buttery blondes are preferred in the middle.

    You can determine which blonde is most flattering for you by taking your skin tone into consideration. A little bit of contrast is always a good thing, which means that golden, warm tones are ideal for those with paler skin tones, while darker olive skin tones complement those with cooler blonde hair.(According to Celene, neutral blonde shades are universally foolproof because they flatter nearly any skin tone. Continue to be on the fence? Have you ever taken a look at your jewelry?”If you don’t care for the way gold looks on your skin, you’re not going to care for golden blonde hair,” Celene says.

    However, it is essential to incorporate both cool and warm colors into your design.“Dimensional blonde always appears more expensive, so you want a little bit of a mix in tones,” says the expert. Celene explains that even someone who wants only warm, honey blonde hair needs a few neutral pieces running through it, or some deeper colors at the root.”To achieve the best results, consult with your hair colorist to understand the depth and color options available to you and to determine which will flatter your complexion the most.

    Despite the fact that blondes are more fun, their hair requires a little more attention. When it comes to blonde hair, Celene advises that the most difficult challenge is that it can easily become dull and dry. “Speak with your colorist about the best at-home regimen for you,” she says. As a weekly treatment, she suggests using the moisturizing All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment Mask. Taking care of your hair even before you go blonde is a smart decision as well. For at least two weeks prior to your blonding appointment, use Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Hair Treatment Spray once a week for at least four weeks. Strengthens the hair and helps to prevent breakage with this spray-on, rinse-out treatment.

    The Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo and Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Conditioner are also recommended for all blondes to keep in the shower. No, the violet-hued formulas will not turn your hair purple; instead, they will preserve the cool tones present in your hair while neutralizing any unwanted brassiness or orange tones that may appear. You should use the duo every time you shower if you have a cooler blonde color, says Celene, and leave it on for three or four minutes to allow the purple pigments to work their magic. On the other hand, if your blonde is warmer and you don't want it to become too cool, use the shampoo once a week and don't let it sit in your hair for more than a couple of minutes.