Blathers is the heart and soul of exploration at the Animal Cro

  • Blathers is the heart and soul of exploration at the Animal Crossing games. The museum curator is excited to receive new and unidentified objects to Animal Crossing Bells For Sale showcase and research. Unless he receives a bug he will accept virtually anything and everything with enthusiasm.

    He is too frightened of them, like on a level that is traumatic. After the player approaches Blathers using a bug to donate, Blathers will respond by stuttering through words and seeming very, very fearful. It is not normal for him to act this way, so obviously something is wrong. It's a matter. What's this entomophobia's cause? What's the origin of all this trauma?

    There some history here. The story goes that when Blathers was a kid in school, a mantis egg case erupted on his desk. Now, take a moment to imagine thousands of tiny insects steaming out in the middle of course and an egg instance breaking. Some kids may find a kick out of it and love bugs but many don't. For some reason, bugs terrify people. For a kid to find this action of biological normality happening right before their eyes it's no wonder Blathers is haunted with the memory.

    It was not enough that eggs hatched, but after the infant manti began to swarm around Blathers, flying into his face, becoming stuck in his feathers and climbing around his desk and him. The dread as those bodies must have been overpowering. No doubt he had nightmares long after and probably even to this day.Blathers has multiple levels and works really hard to take care of the museum.

    He's a staple to the franchise and fans enjoy him it's sad to see him lose his composure as small. He can point out that butterflies are cute because of their bellies, which is fine. Blathers will be in a position to overcome his fear of bugs and be free to roam the outside without flinching at every bee and grasshopper that moves.

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