I just returned to runescape 3 days ago

  • Well Im going to be runnin short on RS gold time probaly just obtaining a fantastic couple hours in for the remainder of summer so this is exactly what im thinking of doing. 1. Kill gaurds to find protection to 30(5 more levels) 2. Boost scope to 30(2 more levels) 3. Hit 40 assault and strength. 4. Struck 40 defence. 5. 6. level mining from 36-41. 7. Do quests so I could perform dragon slayer. 8. Hit high enough str so I can PK for a bit on F2P until I become member.

    Will do strange tasks like crafting/fishing along with other things like this. But also if im going to PK at F2P what level of strength should I've (even should I get high magic mines at 29 atm) But my question is how several weeks enjoying 1-2 hours(the odd 3-4) a day do you think that would take me?

    Ive read all the money making methods on here and several all around, Ive tried everything out of Mining Pure essence, gets me perhaps 300-400k for approximately 3000 of them, bow strings, roughly 300k per 1500, coal, yews all sorts of items, none of them seem to make THAT much money, and that I despise merchanting, tries my patience and fortune too much.

    If anybody can give me some more ideas for quick cash, itd be appreciated, here are all of my stats, just in case. Prayer: 43 Magic: 51 Runecraft: 20 Construction: 35. Health: 64 Herblore: 35 Thieving: 51 Crafting: 50. Fishing: 58 Cooking: 53 Firemaking: 53 Woodcutting: 71(nearly 72). Farming: 28 Hunter: 19 Summoning: 20. I included all of them just if, and to go along with that, I have alot of very good gear for Melee/Range/Magic, Cannon Avaliable and such, and about 1m gold for seed cash if necessary.

    I just returned to runescape 3 days ago and decided to find membership. I am presently cutting magical trees however I find it very slow. Its there any fantastic way of earning money faster. Thanks. I would love to do something battling wise. Like killing something which has a high drop rate. Because I am attempting to train up my array from 60-70, and I've been trying to buy one in. G.E for 3 days now but no cigar. Is it just my terrible luck or are the really none out there? Taking a look at the cheap RuneScape gold purchase price history, they're going up. So that would mean that either the demand rises or the distribution drops. This began in 17th of June which is the identical day that this upadate happened: