Does anybody else have something to add to my list

  • 77 Strike, 74 Strength, 74 Defence, 75 HP. I am looking for RS gold the most affordable way. I could only train at slayer creatures for good drops. I've full torag, fury, whip, de sq, rune boots, de eyeglasses. I would like a good slayer monster that can CAMP at. Meaning good exp, no meals needed, adequate drops. My slayer is only 46 ATM ( I know I want 50, ill do it)

    Mage, prayer, ranged, and summoning are from this question cuz I have no fantastic pocket money at the moment. This way I should make a full of 2,190,067 exp from att, str, and def. How should I train the fastest? Do the slayer monster item mentioned above? If so, what creature? Otherwise, whats better? Should I get much better gear? 1 last question, train one at a time, or use train and controlled all with whip? Thank you.

    I am considering become a Non-Member to conserve a few of my RL money for things that matters. I am trying to think about the disadvantages of becoming a non-member. My listing Cons: Making money becomes more challenging. Swiftswitch screenshots stuff up when leveling (does anybody know whether it works properly in swiftkit? ) ) Area and items restricted. Few skills to train and many become harder to level. 3k Trade cap rather than 20k+. Have to lose my things suck torso and emptiness collection. Advantages: Smaller, more streamlined bank. Can level abilities easier because there are less things to distract me. Does anybody else have something to add to my list?

    Best Armor For Leg's Slot. So I wish to get the best armor I will find to wear in my thighs. After a bit of study, I found 4 different ones which are about the same stat-wise, and I'm wondering what's the ideal. Also, how can be Barrows armor fixed? Veracs plate: Attack: -21 magical, -7 range.

    Attacks do more damage as the participant's hitpoints reduction, your power will be doubled when under 10% health. Guthans chainskirt: Attack: -14 magical, -7 range, Defense: +75 stab, +72 slash, +73 crush, -4 magical, +82 range, +30 summoning, Successful attacks have an opportunity of replenishing the participant's health by the harm caused, on a 1:1 ratio.

    I simply went kaphite queen searching and was buy RuneScape gold overwelmed and teled with a friend that lvl 88. I wonder what if I change in case I want to sucsessfully kill the queen? I'm lvl 92. I used complete veracs and brought 2 prayer pots (4), 1 def kettle (3), 1 antipoison (4), d scimmy, ectophial (what I teled with), and stuffed the remainder of my stock with sharks.