This literally was from the game a decade ago

  • Gridiron Notes: Franchise Updates Coming To Mut 21 coins Madden NFL 21

    When these updates are complete shit, it was mad to assume that they could actually build worthy elements in an already established game. This is shit that honestly shouldn't have even been TAKEN from the match. The real test of EA's devotion in the lovers is next year's match to determine if the marketing is based around Franchise. "All new to Madden 22, assemble the ultimate coaching tree. Could use bogus names and maybe have retired players develop into coaching pool after a couple of decades.

    This literally was from the game a decade ago, I believe there were fake names as part of the coaching pool (past the real HC/OC/DC/ST for each team), then since you played with your franchise, retired gamers could appear in the"FA coaches" pool, get hired as a planner or HC. Bro I loved that feature in older maddens. As a kid once old players began to become trainers that is who I just hired. I remember I played a madden back then where you can hire coordinators but I don't believe you might have seen them around the field. 2k5 sounds right. There was an ea baseball match back then let you hire and fire coaches. You could in Madden as well. Back in the glory days. I think it's because they are developing these attributes for Next Gen consoles concurrently. Additionally, they want a big franchise near Thanksgiving to get Madden 21+PS5 bundles.

    I was hopeful they would fix it but 3 weeks for UI upgrades they even acknowledge that fans have been wanting for decades is a sad excuse for its giant that is madden. And that is only since the neighborhood finally went atomic after 10 years of requesting these things . If not one of the recent outcries happened, I promise none of these (or potential ) updates would even have been a discussion. 'Targeting' - by late October it'll be"XYZ occurred, it's gonna be postponed". Then, I wager by vacation season, PS5 will be out and they will say the new franchise attributes will be included on next gen consoles. Hey! We also get to look at a playoff bracket at the time the true NFL playoffs are just about to get started!

    Exactly. I'm only hoping the EA shareholders/institutions are aware of this fact and don't just take good news as good news. Unfortunately I really don't think projected madden 21 sales quantity has been made public. At least I haven't seen it and I believe I'm relatively plugged in. They aren't feeling that much heat if they're targeting Mid November. Unfortunately sales were pretty good this year, so that I do not expect much to change moving ahead. Lets count the amount of updates MUT will get ahead of the NOVEMBER franchise update. Already we have an example this season. They also fixed the MUT menu lag in 2-3 days-good for them. However, adding a group column and playoff bracket to buy Madden nfl 21 coins Franchise? 2-3 months.