I googled mill reset windows once I did it now

  • My computer isn't old (I built it about 4 years ago) and it is PSO2 Meseta used for video editing. So idk I'm just drawing a blank

    Hey I had the same problem in my PC. I ended up doing a factory reset and then letting it update and everything works great. Probably there. If you can back up your files you could give a try to that and don't mind reinstalling your applications

    If your windows 10 there is an actual factory reset option where you won't have to whatever or key. It's pretty easy to initiate. I googled mill reset windows once I did it now. Fantastic luck

    When you backed up your files was it essentially a system restore? And once you're done reinstalling you hit restore?

    No I started new. Much like a format of this is drive. Pictures documents save files etc all went on an external HDD. I flashed the games I had before compiling windows. This is only because I have matches on another HDD, files on'm HDD and windows on an SSD. If your games are in your os drive then I think you might not need to do this. Remember to backup your game files I presume those are separate from the setup for many games.

    PSO2NG isnt come to playstation in global. JP includes playstation and nintendo change

    There are international servers based in the US that everyone plays on and an entirely separate variant of the sport in Japan.

    Even if I try to use VPN, steam will realize that I'm from PH since I left the steam account in PH area.

    I will play without VPN fine MS Store but by bypassing region locks I'm not going to can you buy meseta on pso2 risk my main steam accounts.