Finally the players are responsible for Madden NFL 21s collapse

  • This includes us telling each individual asking about Pre-ordering the new madden match that they're making a bad descision. Most of all, why it is a bad descision telling them. Obviously we can not force individuals to abstain from making a purchase, but we can definitely tell them it's a Madden 21 coins poor descision 50 times before they get it done. This amount of complacency is the reason why we can't play four decent quarters of soccer anymore. We must put up with forced-animations, busted mechanisms, etc.. Why football isn't fun 19, in conclusion my rant, telling people to shut up is. Constantly complaining about a game while continuing to play it almost everyday. Stop playing madden and wait to produce their football game. It's rather simple.

    For all those complaining about Madden 21 already, two weeks before it's published, according to a 90 fucking second preview, they might really must look at their entire outlook on life as a whole. Adopt the downvotes, their worthless internet points which mean absolutely nothing. Lol this is a forum to talk about Madden NFL 21 and in Madden NFL 21s case that's definitely going to involve the problems with it, complaining about people complaining doesn't make you righteous.

    There's no reason for Madden for a name anymore

    They need to adopt the call of accountability plan. 3 independent but committed development studios all rotating and functioning on the same IP. EA's business plan is monopolizing brands. I've heard of folks suggesting they switch to a'pay for an yearly roster update' model, but this could be the very first time I've heard a proposal that they should use a rotating studio approach. Frankly I think that is a brilliant idea for all of EA's monopolised franchises. They have the resources to take action, and it's worked for other yearly / nearly annual releases. Considering that Assassin's Creed switched to that version there has been an uptick in the franchise's fortunes.

    I think that it's the very first time you are hearing it cause would EA do it to begin with? Why change a version which works for them financially. As somebody mentioned in this post, EA's business model is to pay to manufacturers for exclusive licenses make Madden NFL 21 only enough that is adequate that is good to market to casuals. We aren't the target market franchise would be the selling point. I mean if you listen to a podcast by Rex (previous lead writer for Madden), he discusses that he pitched delaying Madden NFL 21 by a year to reconstruct it from the bottom up, along with the"suits" took it as a joke/were angry at even the suggestion. Again, why delay Madden NFL 21 with a year if quality is not your main concern?

    Finally the players are responsible for Madden NFL 21s collapse. We keep letting the suits are aware that the absence of quality is okay and spending money. The matches at EA know what they are doing, we just aren't organized enough to make them change to cheap Mut 21 coins appeal to hardcore/franchise lovers. Having the resources and justifying the price (read:they think it will bring in more more than the price ) are completely different.