I have played Madden for many years and that I disagree with yo

  • They are going to continue since people * keep purchasing it to remain on such a trajectory. They have absolutely no incentive to do anything but shit a new roster update every year, since they make lots of cash. IIRC their earnings are falling, but their earnings from MUT is Madden nfl 21 coins sky-rocketing every year so it basically cancels out as well as fosters their revenue because people are dropping INSANE amounts of money in MUT each year that sales don't even fucking thing ahead. So as a casual gamer that was super, I thought of having this just cause llama, but don't bother? Or is it good just not as great as old versions.

    I have played Madden for many years and that I disagree with you. Last year's felt (and still feels) like a fantasy to play compared to a number of the preceding entries. And I don't play MUT in any way. It's really smooth and the speed of Madden NFL 21 feels great. Gameplay-wise, I also enjoyed Madden 19 and Madden 20 - however, feature-wise, they are extremely barren and do not have a lot to offer. I likely would have stopped playing a long time if I didn't play with franchise mode with my own head canon. All I do is play so that I notice the lack of manners.

    I only know that it's popular to shit on Madden at every juncture, and the complaints are not necessarily incorrect given the lack of additional modes and features. But people eliminate sight of the fact that the base game is just fun. Agreed - since I'm a bitch with no opportunity to deal with shedding while I learn to get 32, and even though I'm the specific opposite and drama offline. I think that the base game stinks, to be honest, and I really don't think they've done anything to improve it much in over a decade. Every so often they trot out the way they're likely to create blocking better or make shield feel better or something else, and as far as I can tell it never happens.

    I am so happy for this, it is a really good add. No more same strategies being dominant. This is what I am most excited about. Even if it doesn't work immediately (since yes... EA) this is the exact direction they have to take Madden NFL 21. Give us just as much control over our players as possible and this is very much desired p. Honestly, it seem amazing up to now. They've actually listened to the problems of Madden 20 and tried to make actual improvements. If I am not wrong, is not this the very first Madden the new programmer is taking over? I remember hearing back in 19 the man who was behind the Madden was departing and just being substituted, but that he had finished Madden 20.

    I like what I saw today, good quality of life things. Has me a little more optimistic than the show trailer that had me worried on if anything would be better. Really like the buy mut coins madden 21 zone I enjoyed hearing that spin/ Juke score will affect ball carrier steering after a move. Was not a lot but Ill remain optimistic. Did they mean QB will fumble less if you are scrambling with them but not comprising them as a regular ball carrier more than once?