RuneScape already with crafting for casting rings and bracelets

  • RuneScape already with crafting for casting rings and bracelets is a counterargument, however I feel like people are so small and delicate it's not as intense and foundry-y as using giant crucibles to cast statue components and weld them together.See thats the thing: I believe we ought to rs gold paypal just disrupt the current system. I have no doubt that the JMODS can do it correctly. Disrupt it by making barrows useless because the majority of the RuneScape playerbase remains just wearing armour 3 steps up from rune?

    RS3 was worked for by the rework since they are fucking concerning armour tiers. Blast furnace gold bars as well as the truth that OSRS is hard stuck tier 70 means a smithing rework will and shouldn't ever occur. Jagex allow smithing turn into fire making by letting the exp rates escape hand so now nothing worthwhile can be inserted to smithing top end since you're able to get 99 in a week. How would it make barrows useless? I do concur that the fix on tier 70/75 is moot. We have enough weapons to stratify up to grade 90 weapons that would not even make a difference in nearly all instances (very few people are using a twisted bow using 75-89 range).

    Alch worth would be reach by grade 70 armour immediately. Thats how it would make barrows worthless. The only way it would not hit alch value instantly is when they effectively make it a PvM drop akin to Dplate, Dsquare, Dkite, which is not even smithing content in that point. Smithing will not be option for meta armour as exp rates are broken, and OSRS will never vote for skilling requirements on meta armour/weapons which is the one thing that will keep them from hitting alch worth immediately. Let it strike alch value, there is a fairly major leap between rune and dragon in terms of defenses, so just make those armors slightly better than rune but worse than dragon and it is going to be a nice stepping point.

    Alternately, take the RS3 route and create the materials hard to acquire/unreadable (akin to crystal shards). I'm not going to take some time to flesh out a smithing rework at a Reddit comment for 6 upvotes. They were reworking the entire procedure, so they might have only greatly reduced the time to earn things so rather than 1000s of platebodies each hour, you could make like one or two dozen. Nevertheless I doubt that would be possible at OSRS since such a huge rework into the ability's process would not actually match RuneScape, but would changing alch prices and rebalancing 100s of drop tables.

    Reg. Masterwork and trimmed masterwork are the only smithable armors worth using (both are power armor.) Tmw reqs materials rewarded with bossing (RotS and Nex), so it is still a costly purchase. But maintenance for it's cheap once you custom-fit it (becomes more perma untradable and just repaired using the tradable and smithable reg. masterwork.) The majority of the good armour in both matches is dps equipment, it promotes damage dealt. With the exclusion of masterwork, which is the new BiS melee gear in RS3, all the gear made with smithing is purely defensive and gives no damage bonus, so stuff like Bandos or Void are still the only source of dps equipment. Hell, even masterwork requires breaking a complete pair of buy RuneScape gold Torva and Malev, both previous BiS sets, in order to update its stats past just being a pair of Malev that does not degrade to dust.