I had been tried to have scammed and this RuneScape player had

  • All of RS3 needs for this issue is a RS gold really simple starting UI that just has things you are going to need in your first couple of days, plus a good customisation tutorial which tells you about different added windows and how to include them. The turnoff is that you're instantly bombarded after the tutorial with mtx ads and the tutorial does not teach you about a lot of things. There's a little bit of a"recommended to do this " thing today, but it's not great however and only covers a tiny bit of what makes earlygame overpowering.

    Scamming in osrs is beyond amounts

    Just wanted to discuss and create this post since im fresh in reddit and im returning RuneScape player to runescape, been playing on and off for over 15 decades, maxed account and have the most finest of my days in runescape. Its quite baffling that the scamming is so kind of a massive thing right now and not this thing, scamming has happened through the days but today was special moment. I had been tried to have scammed and this RuneScape player had a wingman. It was basic varrock castle behind door bait item and I am conscious of those baits and ofcourse not going to collapse for them. Since he had a wingman which has been account that was cape this lure tho got a twist. He had been telling me he antiscammed same sort of lure last week and yada yada yada...

    I said him that I'm so leery about each one the RuneScape players and things since I had been gone so long. I even said to him that even he could be associating with this scammer and he said"yeah im just infernal max, I am sitting in varrock scamming people" and yeah, to be honest, he had been, he had been sitting in GE scamming people. When maxed account comes to say, hey its fine just dont use the teleport he is going to provide you, its ok and you can antilure him. I didnt fall for it, but I am certain that there are many new RuneScape players who have used real money i.e. bonds to get headstart in gearing then maxed RuneScape player, who should be honorable in RuneScape, has to tell them" hey u can antilure that" and makes he shed his items. We all wanted to say I am really really shocked rather over the fact maxed RuneScape gamers are such low. Here are the names in my conversation, I bought some time anyways, have a nice friday and weekend.

    Simply put: if it's too good to be true, don't follow the instructions or it. If somebody gonna supply you with some thing, will be immediately at cash.Any time a large content creator releases a video where they"outsmart" the scammer it appears that we see a large spike in scams/lures. They are always current of course, but following Pugger's latest movie it seems to cheap RuneScape gold have gotten much much more saturated in each world.Yeah, also I dont really mean the scamming is something new but what I mean that maxed account together with infernal cape is with the scam. That is somewhat sad and may cost some RuneScape players fortune.