Draymond Green gets the enforcer badge?

  • How about rivalries are introduced into mycareer, you can activate rivalries against other NBA 2K players by: being a prick, dunking or scoring on them and rivalries cause things such as the rival NBA 2K player mainly wanting to defend you, more fans in case you score them and the NBA 2K21 MT Coins rival playing aggressive and fuelling up the play increases fans/other items in swap them playing aggressively. This exactly! We know 2k has the ability to alter NBA 2K player attributes mid game (example when NBA 2K player has takeover, they get a stat increase ). Why stop there? Take make a number of the personality badges also affect characteristics.

    Draymond Green gets the enforcer badge? Any difficult foul he commits causes a 5 attribute boost to his stats for a particular amount of time (similar to another badges). More Obscure: Have the staff NBA 2K player badge be like a takeover. Say Lebron gets his takeover, also has a team NBA 2K player badge, his teammates receive a radical boost in stats, before the competition locks up them on multiple straight possessions, or calls for a timeout. Kinda emulate that"oh crap hes leading his team to a run, I gotta stop them." feeling. I could go. The best part is there is so using a system similar to this. Just glad I am not the only one who feels this way lmao.

    Can NBA 2K ever consider matchmaking based in an Elo rating or similar?

    It feels like there is some minimal attempt to coordinate with the evaluations of the MyNBA 2K player personalities, but very little to match on ability level of the NBA 2K gamers. I'm not crazy for believing that both good and bad NBA 2K players can appreciate NBA 2K more if they had been matched with NBA 2K players of their skill level, right? The issue right now is that, at least based on what is visible to the user, the measures that are available that you'd use to infer skill are fairly lousy.

    The MyRep tier is good, as NBA 2K players can still play a good deal of games, boosting up their MyRep. Of course there's win%, but once you begin to do matchmaking based on ability, win% would no longer be a very good step, since in the event the matchmaking is successful, people's win% would remain approximately 50 percent. (If one NBA 2K participant is good and another is bad, both may have winaround 50%, only 1 man is doing it against good competition, and yet another is doing it at poorer competition, both paired to their own skill level.)

    This is an evaluation system used in games such as chess to accommodate NBA 2K players into NBA 2K players of similar degree. Your whilst accounting for the buy 2K21 MT strength of your competitors, although it's a tiny bit like the RPI in college basketball, in which it is not just about your win percent. I mean, great NBA 2K players deserve to have other good teammates and not feel as"Dude, what's this arbitrary doing?" Poor NBA 2K players also have to enjoy NBA 2K, by enjoying people who are still similarly matched to their own skill level. It does not look like it'd be hard to execute, either.