Any new info on Phantasy Star Online 2 PC Release

  • My love for the PSO that is first is such a happy accident. My parents weren't sure what to get my brother for his birthday and I recall them he planning to him that there was pso2 sales this guy at toys R us who sold them on PSO. With such small exposure to anime I our lives I recall us being skeptical this anime looking game would be everywhere as fun as the hundreds of smash melee we would playwith. Game was magic.

    Still NA based servers, screwing over EU people? Phantasy Star Online 2 is not heavily reliant on wrist. It is going to be OK. I've been enjoying from east coast US on Japan servers and also the latency hasn't been a problem in any way. Some individuals stated on this thread that there were large purges about the Japanese servers directed at individuals circumventing the"region locking". I believe it may not be very safe to play if they are not officially launching.

    I think those folks are misinterpreting what occurred. The r/pso2 subreddit would be blowing if the US/EU/AU was prohibited and accounts purged. The only region that was locked from their JP servers was SEA, but they did have things misconfigured for some time which blocked more people than intended. Some individuals did get banned for using a VPN something such as 5 years ago, but that is a risk you'll take with playing any sport through a VPN as you'll be sharing an IP with other Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers who might be hacking and it looks funny as hell to find hundreds or thousands of Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers all connecting from the exact same IP.

    In general, Sega was incredibly lenient with letting people overseas play with the fan translation. That may change now with the US release, but I don't believe the population of English Phantasy Star Online 2 players on the JP servers that will stay after the complete launch in the US is going to be worth their attempt to do anything around.

    We'll see. The SEA variation was handled by a different business and a little different compared to the JP version with pay2win material going on and has been way behind in content. That version didn't do and was closed down a couple of years ago IIRC. Sega had very little to do with that release.

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