Silicone Water Repellent Suppliers Introduces The Requirements


    Silicone Water Repellent Suppliers introduce Hexamethyldisiloxane is an important organosilicon compound, which is widely used in the fields of organosilicon chemistry and organic synthesis. At the same time, hexamethyldisilazane is mainly used in the production of organic chemical industry and pharmaceutical chemical industry as a capping agent, cleaning agent, and film release agent; in addition, hexamethyldisilazane is used for the production of hexamethyldisilazane The solvent can greatly reduce the production cost of hexamethyldisilazane and improve the yield.

    Hexamethyldisilazane is a colorless and transparent liquid, an important organosilicon compound, which has a wide range of applications in the fields of organosilicon chemistry and organic synthesis. At present, the preparation of hexamethyldisilazane is generally prepared by using trimethylchlorosilane as raw material and reacting with ammonia gas in an inert organic solvent. The production of trimethylchlorosilane and hexamethyldisilazane as raw materials.

    Manufacturers are generally purchased, the cost is higher. For the preparation of trimethylchlorosilane, at present, methyl chloride and silicon powder are generally synthesized directly under the action of a catalyst, and then the pure product is obtained by fractional distillation.

    Hexamethyldisiloxane is not only used as a raw material for the production of downstream silicone products but is now more directly used in the cleaning industry. As a representative of cyclic and linear volatile methyl siloxanes (VMSs), hexamethyldisiloxane is environmentally friendly and does not destroy the ozone layer like fluorocarbon cleaning agents. In the U.S., volatile methylsiloxane fluids are volatile organic compounds (VOC) regulated.

    Inspection-free products can be used as substitutes for regulated solvents, making formulations more beneficial to human health and the environment. Can be used as an alternative to cleaning agents for precision equipment used in the electronics, defense, and aerospace industries.

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