What kind of a “democracy” do we have when Huge Lies about political contributions still make sure that 99% of Canadians never participate in funding the political processes that control their lives, despite there being enacted a material incentive tax credit to encourage them to do so?

    After the election law was changed, in 2004, the still currently legal political contribution tax credit scheme is now called the Participation Premium Plan (PPP). Those are the new green shoots, attempting to sprout back up, after the Marijuana Party was burned to the ground, and then bulldozed, by the government changing the elections laws in 2004. Political contribution tax credits were the main issue that Blair has worked on since 1984.

    Beginning in 1984, Blair began attempting to persuade the more than 99% of the people that never participate to begin to. Since 1984, there has been a roller coaster ride of administrative abuses, and court cases, and amendments to the election laws, that allowed Blair’s ideas to barely increase the real participation rate. The best Longley’s Loophole was ever able to do was 0.0001% of the Federal political tax credit potential in 2003. But, that opportunity was decimated in 2004 by changes in election law, which criminalized most of those CCC arrangements. Some ways of making after-tax profit from political participation are still available to Officers and/or Agents of Marijuana Party Electoral District Associations (EDAs).

    In recent years, the Marijuana Party, via Longley’s Loophole participation premiums, realized something like 0.00002% of the total political contribution tax credit potential. That is more than nothing, but still, next to nothing. It is FRINGE CUBED: fringe of the fringe of the fringe. Blair calls that his “goofy work” that barely works just enough to keep on trying. Theoretically, better funding of the political processes is both possible and extremely important, but in the real world it is practically impossible. Theoretically, people have rights and freedoms, BUT, in the real world they almost never actually exercise their rights and freedoms because their reality is being controlled by lies backed by violence. Therefore, everything that Blair has been doing has turned out to be “goofy work.” His theories can be proven to be correct, but nevertheless, the real world kept on getting worse, for decade after decade, while the more recent trends to "legalization" appears to be based upon generating ridiculously restrictive regulations.

    More truth about political contributions, or anything else, has turned out to be mostly irrelevant to systems actually based on lies backed by violence. Instead, in the real world, there was always bigger lies, and more violence, and so, everything Blair has ever learned or done has turned out to have no significant effect upon the real world.

    The basic social fact continued, as it had since 1974 when the political tax credit was first enacted, that more than 99% of taxpayers never claimed their own political contribution tax credit. Given that obstinate social fact, the Marijuana Party only barely survives by operating in as decentralized a way as possible, as a horizontal network of autonomous electoral district associations, with candidates who are practically in the same situation as independents. Our associations are clones of the party as a whole, and have equal legal rights to take advantage of political tax credits. That is, Blair can authorize associations that enable people to claim their own political tax credits autonomously.

    In 2010, Blair became the Chief Executive Officer of Nanaimo Cowichan Marijuana Party (NCMP). Looking for work, via Longley’s Loophole through Blair becoming another Agent of NCMP was Blair’s 2010 “political experiment,” except it was mostly aborted, when he moved back to Montréal, Québec, after living back on Vancouver Island. The Nanaimo Cowichan electoral district ceased to exist when the 2015 General Federal Elections were called, and therefore, the NCMP was voluntarily deregistered. But nevertheless, everything that Blair demonstrated was possible through the NCMP is still theoretically possible for any other registered Electoral District Association to do. ... However, all of that has never worked too well, since governments have repeatedly been responding to deliberately wipe out past trends towards increasing participation. Longley’s Loophole could continue to be actually available, although it appears it would take political miracles to change the established social habits that more than 99% of Canadians were never interested in participating.

    As party Leader, the ONLY thing Blair can do that might matter is signing letters to authorize the registration of Electoral District Associations. The main material benefit that flows from those legal powers is possible political contribution tax credits. Without money, it is impossible to do anything else in politics. However, Blair has learned that the overwhelming vast majority of Canadians NEVER want to participate in the political processes that control money and taxes, despite those things constantly taking over more of those Canadians’ lives, while they sink deeper into debt slavery, inside of a global system which has developed to an astronomically sized debt insanity.

    Spending money to try to persuade Canadian taxpayers to first begin to participate is a marketing nightmare that has tended to initially go bankrupt, because too few actually begin to do so to pay for attempting to encourage them to begin to participate. Although Blair continued to demonstrate more of the legal truth about political contributions and offering others the ability to use the same legal rights for themselves, HOWEVER, 99% of taxpayers never participate, primarily because they have been kept profoundly ignorant and intimidated by Huge Lies, and legal threats, for their whole lives. In that context, Blair barely survives promoting more public participation to a public that is not interested.

    Previous attempts to engage, inform, and motivate taxpayers to participate in the past, that developed some growing small groups in British Columbia and Québec, that started to participate more each year, then resulted in the relevant government agencies responding to stop that, through administrative abuse and/or legislative amendments. Thus, it got harder to try again, when the past was that governments, both provincially and Federally, responded to gradual success of political tax credit schemes by arbitrary administrative actions, or arbitrary legislative amendments, to stop what they arbitrarily regarded as "abuse," but which actually stopped good use of the tax credit provision. Hence, laws which were supposed to “encourage participation” never have been allowed to! Rather, every actual aspect of "democracy" is atrophying away.

    From an abstract point of view, our established monetary and taxation systems are extremely unbalanced. They are extremely favourable for a tiny minority, while they harm the vast majority. That 99% of people have never funded any politics, while 1% paid for everything, continues to be the main reason for the vicious spirals of political funding regarding why that was the case, and why it continues to be so. Our governments often talk about more participation and democracy, but actually undermine and destroy that. Canada is controlled by Huge Lies, which never have to prove that they are true, because they only need to be believed in by the dominant minority of the population. Taxpayers’ objective 99% failure to participate in funding their own politics is the truth about political contributions. More than 99% of Canadians either do not know and/or feel they do not want to know about that truth. Of course, those taxpayers were ALWAYS lied to directly, and are still lied to by omission, by government authorities.

    From the point of view of theoretical legal rights and freedoms, Canadian taxpayers’ failure to participate in registered politics, to claim their tax credits, proves that they act like astonishingly incompetent political idiots. However, there are a myriad of practical personal reasons why almost all Canadian taxpayers unwittingly allow the tragic trajectory towards the death rattle of decreasing democracy. In theory,
    everyone is free and equal, and should participate. In practice, only a tiny minority did, and the entire social system is becoming more and more severely skewed by the established monetary and taxation systems. The real world is controlled by systems of Huge Lies, which are absurd and even sublimely amusing, from an abstract point of view, but which also have been backed up by violence and the threats of violence, so that those Huge Lies became triumphant. The long history of Lies backed by violence has resulted in the vast majority of people believing in bullshit, and acting like political idiots.

    The single, simplest symbol of the triumph of Huge Lies, backed by violence, controlling Canada was that the war against marijuana kept on getting worse and worse, while the government’s own studies regarding more truth about marijuana continue to be deliberately ignored. Despite two relatively good studies about cannabis, paid for by the government, in 1972, and 2002, the government of Canada continues to treat marijuana as if it was almost as bad as murder, as that original “Reefer Madness” segues into “Reefer Madness version 2.0.

    So-called marijuana "legalization" has overall resulted in cannabis becoming surrounded by even more criminal and civil penalties. While the controlled drugs law previously were less than 10 pages directed against cannabis, under bogus "legalization," the total of all Federal, provincial and municipal laws imposing ridiculously restrictive regulation upon cannabis have accumulated to more than a 1,000 pages. What is being "legalized" is actually an increase in police powers, where the area surrounding what is permitted is reinforced with many penalties which are more severe, as well as many penalties related to cannabis which did not previously exist. Huge Lies regarding marijuana continue to justify a wide variety of punishments which are worse than previously provided.

    That particular deliberate ignorance is part of the generally evil global civilization, which is being dominated by Huge Lies, backed up with lots of violence, that is manifestly becoming more insane ... All of Blair’s work on the funding of politics has only proven that appears to be a hopeless runaway tragedy. The world continues to be controlled by lies and violence, while the overwhelming vast majority of people do nothing effective to resist that.

    Longley’s Loophole is a lonely beachhead for more actual democracy, on the shore of the vast continent of fraud and robbery embodied in the Canadian monetary and taxation systems. That beachhead seems more at risk of being ground down to nothing, and thus wiped out, than being able to survive and spread. Even being able to offer individual taxpayers the return of control over several hundred of their own after-tax dollars, as Longley’s Loophole allows as a material incentive, was not enough to stop more than 99% of taxpayers continuing to never participate. Objectively, to give up control of several hundred dollars, that one could control by participating, is irrational. However, inside of the social reality of triumphant Huge Lies, backed up by threats and violence, the vast majority of people continue to have personal practical reasons why they never participate, and are not interested in beginning to.

    Inside that reality, Blair acts as an unleader in retreat. Longley’s Loophole is still legal enough to enable every Canadian taxpayer to participate by going through it, and Blair’s official position as the Leader of a registered political party enables him to authorize any other Canadians to do it for themselves, as well as for any other Canadian taxpayers. However, our monetary and taxation systems have already so mortally wounded our "democracy" that almost nobody is interested in actually participating.

    Decades of study and political experiments have proven:

    The more one learns about politics, the worse it gets!

    Blair fails to significantly increase participation rates.

    Nobody proved anything about Longley’s Loophole is factually or legally wrong, but rather, ‘response’  is to deliberately ignore it, as much as is possible!

    The political contribution tax credit was explicitly intended to increase participation, but that democratic ideal has been deliberately subverted by the ways that governments administered and amended their laws, and its potential continues to be suppressed by Canadian agencies tacitly honouring tax credit claims which they refuse to clearly admit are legal in principle, in ways that then all taxpayers could be informed about and understand, in order to also do similar transactions for themselves and others. That history accomplished the ironic immaculate hypocrisy of the ideals of democracy being effectively hamstrung down to almost nothing. The dilemma Blair is in is that there are NO rational arguments to prove he is wrong, but that is irrelevant inside of the real systems controlled by lies and violence, serving triumphant organized frauds and robbery.

    Democratic ideals were explicitly enacted into the income tax and election laws, but then, those ideals were deliberately denied and subverted by subsequent governments. Thus, the illusion of democracy was preserved, with the outlines of some democratic ideals enshrined in income tax and election laws, but the reality continued to be less than 1% participated, while more than 99% never did. Every political controversy always took place inside of that overall context. This has created the situation now, where the vast majority of voters receive their information from a handful of enormous corporations, that own and control the mass media. The long history of funding 100% of our politics by less than 1% of the people has resulted in that 1% having established overwhelming advantages for themselves, while the other 99% are now deeply buried under severe disadvantages. Metaphorically speaking, we appear to have already passed beyond the event horizon into a social black hole.

    Since Blair continues being a Financial Agent of the Marijuana Party, the election law stops him becoming a Candidate, since no Agent is allowed to become a Candidate. In any case, running Candidates to get votes is a financial black hole for the Marijuana Party, since the more we tried to do it, the faster we would go bankrupt. We tend to only endorse a few Candidates who spend $zero campaigning. Everything Blair might try to do as Party Leader to endorse Candidates and support their election ends up being worth nothing, and therefore, not sustainable to try to do. The big parties set things up so that they can make money from elections, while the small parties go broke. The mass media enjoy that situation, which allows them to almost totally ignore the small parties, while only paying attention to the bigger political parties. Elections are just another show for the mass media, that they benefit from dominating, because the results always end up benefiting those that own and control the mass media. Of course, pot prohibition is thriving inside such a dead democracy, since it was made and maintained by that system in the first place!