5 steps to consider when customizing gift boxes

  • Customizing gift boxes may sound like a very difficult process. But before customizing a gift box, if you correctly understand the expectations of customers, then customizing the box will become easier. Customizing a gift box that exceeds customer expectations will make product sales more convenient. When customizing the gift box, the brand can also customize the box according to the packaging customization steps.


    Step 1: Re-examine your sales theory

    The unique sales theory of the brand is what makes the product stand out from the competition. Before customizing a gift box, take a moment to re-examine the reasons for your brand's success. In-depth understanding of the reasons for the success of the brand, and integrating the advantages of customized packaging boxes, will make your gift packaging box more popular with users.


    Step 2: Know your customers and their expectations

    When customers are shopping, they have certain expectations of your brand. If designers do not know their expectations, it is difficult to design and customize the perfect product packaging. Integrate customer expectations with the brand's sales theory and put it first. It can help customers get a good experience the moment they pay attention to your product.


    Step 3: Show your brand through Logo

    Your logo and brand colors are an important part of the brand identity. Moreover, they all help to establish a connection between your customers and your brand. Therefore, displaying your brand logo in an easily recognizable packaging method can better promote your brand during the product sales process.


    Step 4: Add a custom image

    When customizing gift boxes, combine brand colors with unique images. Make sure they can focus on reflecting your brand image. When choosing packaging images, consider the value of your brand and why customers will buy your products. Using these ideas to design your packaging will arouse the happy emotions of customers and influence their purchasing decisions.


    Step 5: Deliver brand values through effective information

    The information in the gift box can help you describe the brand story. Short product information and warm reminders can show customers how much the brand cares about customers. Some information about the brand’s social media in the box can also encourage customers to interact with the brand and convey the brand’s values to customers.


    When customizing the packaging box, the brand can design and customize both the inside and outside of the packaging box through the above steps. The brand can use each space in the packaging box to tell your brand story without gift packaging. The box adds elegance and makes your brand full of personality.

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