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  • After running through the survey Jagex definitely is apparently running solo on this one. No third party firm would let participants directly enter in their own contact information (because it would mean they would lose your business for RuneScape 2007 Gold their client [so not a nefarious thing]) and also the only area I found rather strange was that the telephone number request in the conclusion. I would have substituted that with a check box for recontacting and pipe-in the email you could optionally have set in sooner for affirmation. I think you're fine answering this survey if you have privacy concerns because essentially all information is anonymous and it's using an industry-standard platform of Qualtrics. Jagex likely does not have market research ISO certificates but this is a quick annual survey in order that they would not have to have any.

    It is my hope that this feedback encourages the team to earn surveys more targeted to the audience who actively take part in the content they're polling, or use them as an advisory tool rather than a ruling. It would be interesting if they reveal some of the results of the survey. I answered the precise opposite, that polling is in the crux of OSRS and they need to stick with it more strictly. For clarity, I answered that polling is at the core of OSRS. The poll system empowers the entire playerbase to open freeform conversation on the proposed changes/additions created to Runescape itself and it's absolutely a great way to collect feedback and people comment on something. That said, I really don't think the current format meets the best interests of Runescape.

    I really don't believe that the participant base is particularly good at determining which material, based on merit, is great for integrity and the health of Runescape long-term. We view people vote based on self interest. Based on polling, NMZ was liked by the neighborhood but it was significant to remove. Players do not vote for any changes that make things harder for them personally but over time which becomes a drawback as content becomes easier and achievements are diluted, these are very slight but easily accumulate.

    x which are voted against. People even voted against letting pures wear blessed chaps, despite currently being able to wear the variants. Improve profits from clue scrolls and so the impact of this to normal accounts would have been to increase the demand. This isn't an illustration of polling fulfilling the interests of Runescape, it's just a meme of not liking Buy Old School RS Gold pures. If we only see updates that suit the exact same 75 percent of people every time that the remaining 25 percent become more and more marginalised, which is not a good balance when people 75/25 are seemingly so frequently the very same individuals.