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  • Where was the part for this last part? You could barely elaborate on few of the pre-existing questions, allow a lone give completely new ideas or feedback about existing places within jagex you think needs improvement that doesn't have anything to OSRS Buy Gold do with dev work/content updates. The survey seemed more about giving them the answers they need and push it in that way (poll questions, images, control questions ), which makes them (jagex) as a company look great (probably for investors) and to harvest user data (to sell to advertisers) and way less concerning the near future of Runescape etc.. )

    Biggest skill improvements easily Smithing and fletching. Crafting has super game function with zenytes. Fletching arrows I figure and has dragon darts. Smithing has rune.make these abilities useful for late game items. For me it was construction, despite having my favorite rewards the training technique is awful to me personally and depends on aligned cameras etc.. For methodology construction is up there I concur. I'd love to see more world development construction honestly. Like envision you can improve how cities look (like burgh p rott activities ).

    Even possibly as a profit idea. Like you and also you become jobs and xp and an agency fee, respectively. Less xp/hr than the methods but turning to some money for those who don't need to drop 30m. Agree. Development construction could be fantastic. Each area could have its own guild with projects that are exceptional to be constructed throughout the region. I would certainly be interested in reliable experience Instead of gain though.

    For instance a project like creating NPC home or a bridge could take 6-8 hours to complete granting reasonable experience speeds throughout, and the city could cover all the resource cost. You might get paid a reasonable amount for thejob but not a great deal. Maybe instead you could receive for choosing contracts rewards or perks. The principal focus would need to be which makes it an adoptable training method for people working to a top construction level, while still being rewarding to those who have 99 beyond and construction.

    I'd appreciate an ending comments box (though I understand if that's difficult to go through). I couldn't express I believed OSRS could function more on completionist articles. This was especially glaring on the"what would you believe OSRS should focus on?" Part, where I had to select stuff I enjoy, but not actually what I believed the dev team should concentrate on. Glad to see they are looking in to it. I utilized the improvement on box to the limit not directlyBuy RuneScape Gold  in-game associated with fear. There wasn't so that was a good call. They really could have used input areas because there was a lot I'd have said but wasn't given a location to.