Conversion Of Electromechanical KWh Meter

  • The watt-hour meter is something we need in every household, but many people still don’t expect the watt-hour meter, today we will talk about Electromechanical KWh Meter .

    Electric energy can be converted into various kinds of energy. For example, it is converted into heat energy through an electric furnace, into mechanical energy through a motor, and converted into light energy through an electric lamp. Among this converted electric energy, the meter that records this electric energy is an active electric energy meter.

    The principle of electrical engineering tells us that some electrical devices must first establish a conversion environment when converting energy. For example, motors and transformers must first establish a magnetic field. Some electrical devices must first establish an electric field before energy conversion. The electrical energy required to establish the magnetic field and electric field is all reactive electrical energy. The electric meter that records this kind of electric energy is a reactive electric energy meter. It does not consume energy in itself, but it will generate reactive current in the electrical circuit, and this current will cause a certain loss in the circuit. The reactive energy meter specifically records this loss.

    The above are reactive and active meters. For more details, please visit three phase meter .