Voltage Coil Of The Kilo Watt-Hour Meter

  • Every household has an electric meter, whether it is a kilo watt-hour meter or a single-phase electric meter or other electric meters, do you know what effect her voltage coil has?

    A watt-hour meter is an instrument used to measure electrical energy consumption. We call it an "electric meter" for short. It is based on the principle of "Ala Vortex Disc". When the disc rotates, it drives the turbine-worm reducer to rotate, and the reducer drives the digital disc to rotate, showing how much power consumption is.

    Due to a large number of turns, after a voltage is added to the "voltage coil", it will take a while before a normal value of current flows. According to Lenz's law, once there is a current flowing in the coil, a voltage in the opposite direction is generated, just like it wants to prevent the current from flowing. If the current is to be reduced, the current cannot be reduced immediately because the induced voltage is still high. That is to say, it cannot be like when the current is cut off with a switch, the current immediately becomes zero.

    For voltage coils, three phase electricity meter or other electricity meters are the same, more or less will have a certain impact.