Granite is the strongest armor that you can find

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    I don't like level 70 members who all wear the identical dragon legs, obby capsses, dragon gaunlets or dragon boots. It's not to say that they don't have any sort of function. Jagex produced the majority of the armour, which isn't their responsibility. It wasn't useful when you had requirements such as level 40.

    The set of fremennik armor is utilized, with the exception for the yak hides and helms. It's too costly and uncommon to use in everyday combat. Spirit sheilds- WHAT IS THE POINT IF THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE FOR ABOUT 90% OF THE RUNESCAPE POPULATION.

    Granite is the strongest armor that you can find. But, I see noobs who refuse to follow my advice on running when they will be running a lot. So this poor noob wore full granite running, or buy RuneScape Mobile gold should i say walking airs. Holy clay armor- yes, it can transform into different armor and is lightweight, but it has similar stats as f2p counter parts. The members that have no need for it should have given it to the f2p.