Will you play with yourselves in Madden?

  • Super Bowl 49 was a particular event for Madden NFL and was the first time that the game accurately predicted the winning team Madden nfl 22 coins, and also an accurate final result. Madden predicated that Patriots would prevail over the Seahawks to win by a score of 28-24. And it was spot on.

    More recently, Madden's had some sort of losing streak. Despite being able to predict Super Bowl 54's winner correctly, Madden's Super Bowl 52. 53. and 55 predictions have been incorrect. However, while it's still got its moments, Madden NFL's Super Bowl predictions don't seem to be the same as they were, which may be an encouraging thought for LA Rams fans.

    In the end, Madden NFL's Super Bowl predictions have been correct 11 out of 18 times approximately 61.1111 percent. Madden NFL correctly predicting the Super Bowl winner 61 percent of the time isn't too shabby for an annual-release video game.

    This year's prediction, which states that this year's Cincinnati Bengals is going to beat the LA Rams 24-22. does appear to be against the general consensus of what experts believe could happen buy mut coins. They do think it's going to be a close contest however.