This is additionally valid for NBA 2K22

  • NBA 2K22 dunking tips and tips and. It is important to learn about the player's rating and vertical so that you can determine the extent to which they can do the elite and pro dunks is essential NBA 2K22 MT. It also allows you to gauge if you can perform an acrobatic or standing dunk in a particular guard forward, center or forward.

    Dunking is an art that not only earns two points but also flashy scoring points for the spectators, too. The players must be savvy and know when to hit the dunk or choose an easy jump when there's an opponent standing in front. Dunks can look nice however the most important thing is to score the points.

    NBA 2K22 provides players with more control than before to make sure they score however they think best in the moment. Don't attempt a shot when there's a shotblocker in the paint, or use an off-hand dunk when the opponent is blocking your player's dominant hand when driving.

    Oscar Robertson was a 12-time All-Star and a one-time winner of the MVP award, and won an NBA championship during his illustrious 14-season career during his time in the NBA. The "Big O was the first player to record a triple-double average for the entire season (and still the only person to have done so other than Russell Westbrook).

    The same team as the iconic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Bucks 1971 title win, Robertson was a 2-Way shooter or a point-scoring Guard Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins. NBA 2K22 rates his playmaking at 92, Outside Scoring at 90, and his Layup scores 98.