Will you play with yourselves in Madden?

  • Given the magnitude of Superbowl LVI and how much EA usually correlates the player ratings to how well teams/athletes do during the course of the season Madden 22 coins, there's a good chance that we may see some ratings increases following the conclusion of Superbowl LVI.

    If you take a look at the Los Angeles Ram's roster in Madden 22, you will observe that their players playing offense don't have most impressive overall ratings. There are two players on the offensive for the LA Rams have 2 players who are currently part the Madden 99 Club, with these players being Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. This is because the Rams offense is really where you will see the Madden 22 ratings take a major downward turn.

    Cooper Kupp is an absolute athlete and is the principal reason why he is rated a 97 overall. Kupp can perform amazing routes and move into open fields even when the defender appears to be trying to block him. Kupp is also among the best receivers of the NFL when he is able to catch the football because wrestling him is not much of a challenge to master.

    But as you move higher down on the roster of athletes prior to Cooper Kupp, the ratings fall into the mid - to low-80s for their players buy mut coins. Here are some of the notable players on the Los Angeles Rams who don't possess that much of a Madden 22 rating.