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  • What's your favorite Deathblade build to play in Lost Ark? The Deathblade is among Lost Ark's most intriguing character classes and has a cult following that belies a surprisingly low base damage Lost Ark Gold. It could be the class's unique appearance that gets the attention of so many players who don't understand her flaws. After all, how many times in your lifetime do you get the chance to wield three swords in one go?

    There's no bad characters to choose from in Lost Ark And, just like every other class it's the Deathblade is an absolute dream with the proper build. On this page , we'll give an outline of the abilities of the Deathblade as well as a leveling guide. We'll also tell you what engravings and bonus classes to select when you reach the point of no return.

    Best Lost Ark Deathblade build: Overview. The Deathblade's weapons set is comprised from three swordsan assortment of short daggers and a longswordhowever, unlike Gunner character classes, you won't be in charge of manually switching between them. The only thing that the Deathblade has to do is identify her characteristic and the keystone of her build can be found in the Death Orb.

    The Deathblade carries the three Death Orbs which (re-)charge during combat. In the event of activating a Death Orb triggers the Deathblade Arts skill effect which does the following Buy Lost Ark Boosting: Reduces the cooldown for all abilities; Improves speed of movement, attack speed, and attack power; Starts an unique burst attack that causes a significant number of damages.