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  • When you travel to Falador In the Falador area, you'll be abducted at the gates the second you enter (If you are teleporting, you'll teleport to Falador instead). A small Elf will ask you three questions in order to determine if they should take you away or refuse to OSRS Gold. The main test is to make sure you answer wrongor they'll let you stay and ask you to start again.

    They will pose questions like "Is Varrock west or east of Barbarian Village?" or "What kind of quest did Sir Amik Varze begin sending people to?". These are easy questions and it's not difficult to get em wrong! After you've completed that difficult process, you'll be transferred to Falador along with "Jimmy's bicycle". It is not able to be dropped, but instead destroyed. It will break down at the time the event finishes It is not worth keeping it! It isn't possible to get it around.

    Take a stroll around watching for the event image on the minimap. You'll meet new people on the icons. You can talk to them and convince them to offer you gifts. You will receive a receipt from Santa that can be used in the shop for fancy dresses in Varrock. You will also receive the following prize:

    You can wave your arms in the sky and a booming "Ho-Ho!" is heard. You accidently get hit on the head by a present box. In Varrock, you will find a person called Vamelia within the boutique for fancy clothes. She will offer you some alternatives. If you do not have any certifications or certificates, she will not show your the location. If you do have a certification, then she will open the shop.

    Recently, the most advanced players have been searching for some place to work on their advanced skills. This is the reason for the skills islands Buy Old School RS Gold. I'll let you know more about them in the near future But first, how do you reach them? The answer lies in a brand new mini-game.